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        1. Values:

          Quality, Cost, Innovation, Integrity
          Pinzhi + Chengben + Chuangxin + Chengxin = PC3


          Corporate Culture(圖1)
          – Fair opportunities and rewards for all employees, making them proud of working in Sunnywell.
          – Become first class company in the industry and customers’ first-choice partner. Focusing on product and service quality, and creating extra value for customers.
          – Enhance company’s competitiveness for long term development, and deliver more to the society.

          Way of working:

          Six Ways of Working
          Sharing:knowledge,experience,skills,wealth etc.
          Austere:private desire control, thanks giving
          Diligent:more endeavor than any others
          Tolerant:bear even the indignity inside and outside
          Meditative:how to do better,how to support others more?
          Wise:simple life, happy work

          Seven Words(PASSION)
          Profit :no profit, no future
          Ambition :no ambition, no achievement
          Sincerity :sincerity wins trust
          Strength :no strength, no competitiveness
          Innovation :deliver extra value to customers
          Optimism :optimism changes the world
          Never give up: success originates from setbacks

          Code of Conduct:


          Be loyal to the company
          Be honest and decent
          Be professional
          Comply with regulations
          Take challenges
          Respect,support,and trust each other
          Think positively
          Work as a team
          Emphasize on quality of work
          Mutually communicate
          Serve, share, and save
          Create extra value for customers
          Pursue good looking and kindness
          Look for efficiency and perfection
          Promote sense of ownership


          Do not disclose company secrets
          Do not make obstacles to others
          Do not complain
          Do not waste resources
          Do not overlook details
          Do not give up learning
          Do not have bad intention
          Not to be self indulged
          Not to be immoral and deceptive
          Not to be irresponsible
          Not to be lazy