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        1. Product:

          Nickel plated steel wire is a kind of carbon steel wire with nickel coating. It is mainly used for high precision

          spring, battery spring, electronic goods, antenna spring, instruments and apparatuses, wall clock etc.


          DiameterTensile StrengthToleranceEllipticitySalt Spray TestCoating ThicknessCircle DiameterWarp
          (mm)(Mpa)(mm)(mm)A LevelB Level(um)(mm)(mm)


          Other products can also be supplied according to customer requirements.

          The final specifications will be confirmed by both customers and Sunnywell.

          Product Advantages:

          Surface brightness

          Good conductivity, low resistance

          Fast tin soldering

          Good mechanical properties, good stability, uniform winding

          Excellent corrosion resistance

          Sunnywell Advantages:

          Professional production team, strict process control, excellent management system and high quality services

          First class drawing, electroplating, with inspection and testing equipment to ensure product quality

          Full range of nickel plated steel wire can be produced according to different national and international standards,

          such as European standard, German standard, ISO standard, as well as other customized standards

          Superior product properties: Uniform coating, good drawability, little zinc loss, less wire fractures and good

          corrosion resistance

          Wide range of product strength and the highest tensile strength can reach more than 4000Mpa

          Rich diameter mix and the finest diameter could be 0.05mm